Hi there, I'm Patrick!

this is me.

I firmly believe that the relationships I build with my clients provide the backbone of the content we create together. That means I’m all about getting to know you…but I’d love for you to get to know me as well! And behind the love of video creation, travel, and creating work that evokes emotion is simply Patrick, with my own hobbies, interests, and passions.

I grew up in Charlotte, NC and moved to Raleigh to further my education at NC State. At school, I grew my passion for video production and storytelling. I also discovered the world of aviation and become a pilot (that’s a crazy story). My relationship with Jesus completely defines my life, evokes my heart for people, and inspires my love of this amazing world that we get to call our home.

Over the years, I’ve traveled all over the country filming weddings and building friendships with the most amazing couples. I hope one day to know you and serve you on your wedding day!


Storytelling is something that is real and true to my heart. Right now, I’m living a life that I do not want to forget, even the small moments. So I picked up my camera, made a few modifications, and began vlogging. I only have a few episodes out right now, but I hope you watch them to gain a sense of who I am, and laugh here and there. It might seem crazy, but I use these vlogging techniques to tell your story, whether you’re getting married or trying to show the world who you are as a company. Piecing together footage takes knowing you and having a relationship with you, and I strive to do just that.

One of the first times I picked up a camera.

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact me: info@patrickmeehan.com

What is your specific approach to capturing a wedding?

Being present when I need to be and being hidden when I need to be. My goal is that the only time anyone will notice me is when the couple needs me to make them laugh, help make a decision, or bring them back to the present moment amidst all the chaos. I don't like to be the boss and controlling the day; I like to let it flow naturally and capture the honest moments that occur between people and their celebration. I don’t follow a guidebook... but that makes things real, and I think that is more important than following a strict formula.

How do you make couples feel comfortable in front of the camera?

One of the most important things I do is make couples feel comfortable with me first. I make sure that we meet, either in person or on video chat before we move forward in booking, where I ask them questions about themselves and what their relationship is like, along with sharing more about myself. I am naturally a positive, joyful, and gentle-hearted person and I think that creates a space of immediate comfort in most people.

Why is wedding cinematography so "expensive"?

There is a lot of time and expensive equipment invested in filming weddings. The amount of hours spent with you before and during the wedding day pales in comparison to the amount of time spent in the editing room turning hours of raw footage into something beautiful... not to mention music licenses, USBs, shipping, packaging, travel, and many other costs associated with each wedding film.

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