As a new employee & pilot with LifeStyle Aviation, Patrick had to build credibility with the company starting off in the backseat. So naturally, he took his camera and set off to create something spectacular while at it. Formation flying can be very intimidating since planes are required to fly very close to each other for long durations. In this video, Patrick takes viewers behind the scenes to learn how to fly in formation while capturing air-to-air photo and video content of brand new Diamond aircraft.

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an inside look.

Patrick grew up in Charlotte, NC and moved to Raleigh to further his education at North Carolina State. There, he grew his passion for video production & storytelling, while discovering the world of aviation and becoming a pilot. His relationship with Jesus completely defines his life, evoking his heart for people, and inspiring his love of this amazing world that we get to call our home.

Before graduating, Patrick sought to find a job that combines his passions for production and aviation. He stumbled along a small aviation sales company called LifeStyle Aviation in need of video marketing. Over the past year of working, Patrick has gained a widespread of experience, leading a team to produce biweekly informational Youtube video, as well as learning to pilot the technically advanced aircraft for client delivery.

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